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The structure of the Italian Nursery School allows plenty of useful space both inside and outside.

Group play and interaction...

On the inside, two large spaces separated by a concertina type door, give access to an array of interesting activities and teaching materials to help childrens growth and understanding of the environment they find themselves in: sand pit, water pool, thetre stage, lego blocks, computer, reading and audio-visual corner Further more there also are spaces specifically dedicated to the understanding of every day rules and specific concepts more specifically related to the six areas of development such as: mathematics, language, creativity, personal, cognitive and moral.


A wide playground is on the outside. Well equipped with apparatuses for physical education to help children’s development, it also presents itself with several educational wall drawings and murals.

The school opens from 8.30am to 4.30pm monday to friday and it is closed 6 weeks during summer vacations, for 1 week at Easter and 2 weeks at Chistmas time.
The maximum number of children allowed is 26 between  3 to 5 years of age.

The ongoing price is £80 payable weekly and is subject to annual changes.

The enrolment fee is £30 per year.

Every child enrolled at the Italian Nursery School has access to a government grant from the third birthday onward. The grant is paid every term towards the weekly fee.
The children are gradually introduced to the school and a confirmation letter of acceptance is normally sent out a month before the starting date.
All the staff involved with the school is trained and aware of hygiene and safety standards , a video-intercom makes the entrance particularly safe.
Lunch and daily snacks are prepared on site with fresh ingredients and the quality reflects Italian standards and cooking style. Specifically required meals are prepared for children with special needs or medical conditions.
Games and apparatuses related to physical education are periodically checked and carry  tags of the British safety standard.

Play equipment
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Italian Nursery home page welcome services offered by the nursery curriculum contact us English version
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